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Golf GPS Finder is the place to help you find the best deals on golf GPS units.  We list the best deals and reviews on new and used golf GPS systems.

Golf GPS Units do much more than the basic distance to the hole information. Most hand held golf GPS systems will tell you the length of your last shot and will store the info for future reference.  GPS units will also tell you the distance to, and location of targets and hazards.  And of course these GPS units give you the exact distance to the front, middle, and back of the green.

Having a Golf GPS Unit on the course is like having your own personal golf caddie!

Golf GPS News

skycaddie sgx gps unitThe All New Callaway uPro MX release date has been pushed to May 13, 2011, but you can pre-order it now and it will ship out the day it's released. The uPro MX comes loaded with 25,000 courses and has a price of only $199, much better than the $400 price on last years Callaway upro. To get full hi-resolution aerial satellite images and tour-style video flyovers of the holes, you will have to upgrade to "ProMode" for a one time fee. The upro MX is thinner and lighter than the other Golf GPS units we've been using! Even with the premium ProMode purchase this is a better price than comparable GPS units.

Good Deal Alert!

skycaddie sgx gps unitThe SkyCaddie SGX works great right out of the box with 30,000 pre-loaded land verified courses.  The SGX feeatures a larger 3" lcd screen with crisper colors and it feels like a more durable unit.  Currently has it cheaper than anywhere else...

The Top 2011 Golf GPS Units

golf buddy gps

Golf Buddy GPS - Golf Buddy makes 2 different models.  The Golf Buddy Pro which has a black and white screen and the Golf Buddy Tour that features a full color screen.  These are basically the same Golf GPS units, but with different screens.  The main focus with these Golf Buddy GPS units is accurate distances to hazards and the green.

skycaddie SG5

SkyCaddie GPS - Sky Caddie makes 4 different golf GPS units that vary in size and weight.  The SG2.5 is the smallest GPS unit from Skycaddie.  The SG3 is a full featured unit with a black and white screen that runs on AA batteries and is ideal for traveling.  The Skycaddie SG4 is the same as the SG3, but it runs on a built in lithium ion battery.  The Sky Caddie SG5 (pictured) is the best GPS unit Skycaddie makes and has a high quality full color screen.

Garmin Golf GPS

Garmin Golf GPS - Garmin is a name in GPS you can trust and they continue this tradition with high quality Golf GPS units.  The award winning Garmin Approach G5 (pictured) is the only Garmin golf GPS unit available.  However Garmin also makes the GolfLogix GPS-8 under the GolfLogix brand name.

callaway upro

Callway uPro - The Callway uPro is in a league of it's own.  The amazing part about the uPro is the video flyover on each hole.  The hi-resolution aerial imagery is absolutely amazing.  Plus with the Callaway uPro there is never any membership fees or annual dues.  The 2.2" LCD has better resolution than any other golf GPS unit.  The uPro is also smaller and thinner than other competitive units.

sonocaddie golf gps

Sonocaddie Golf GPS - Sonocaddie currently has 4 different Golf GPS units available.  The v100 is tiny and simple to use.  If you are looking for a sonocaddie with all the features and a colot screen you will need to upgrade to the Sonocaddie v300 or my favorite, the Sonocaddie Auto Play which comes preloaded with all the available courses - which means no downloading updates!

SkyCaddie GPS Review

Here's a video of a Skycaddie review that really shows you how any golf GPS unit will help improve your game.